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Elycorp's Pitch cases.

To feed you in your thoughts, to inject new ideas into your approaches, and for the pleasure of sharing, find our decoded customer cases!


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CASE # 4 - Sector of activity:


Support elycorp.

sure augmented consumer centricity 

Or how to make your customers real partners!

"Not only are we anchoring our lines of research on solid insights, but it has also changed the posture of salespeople… These are our first steps in truly installing consumer centricity in our practices"


Keep your technological lead
when a major patent falls into the public domain

And what does it consist of

this support?  

What results for your client? 

A device of empathy, to build creative challenges aligned with customer needs.

Concretely, the sales representatives interviewed their customers (production and site managers, operators, etc.) to understand their uses, breads and profits.

Upstream, a preparatory session; and after the interviews, a time for sharing to bring out the challenges.

10 identified drivers, to imagine technical components that are a source of value for all:

  • BtoB customers: business / decision-makers side and also operational side, by integrating the flexibility and ergonomic needs of factory operators

  • Team in charge of innovation strategy, to stand out from the competition

And best of all, salespeople have seen the benefits of interviews on their relationship with customers !

What particularly amazes you about this client? 

What advice for a company facing the same issue?

When we want to develop consumer centricity , it is essential to promote direct interactions between the team and customers, consumers or users, as soon as we have the opportunity.

So that the first exchanges are fluid and pleasant for everyone, three key levers : do not neglect the preparation of the interviews , rely on volunteers in the team, and do the interviews in pairs .

The ability of the Division's Technical Director to overcome his own fears , to embark a whole team on the adventure!

When I spoke to him about empathy, he was convinced; but when I said to him "and if we offered to the salespeople to become 'apprentice ethnologists' for a few hours", it seemed impossible to him.

And yet, we did it, and did it well!



clotilde lacambre, partner,

Project Director

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