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To feed you in your thoughts, to inject new ideas into your approaches, and for the pleasure of sharing, find our decoded customer cases!


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CASE # 10 - Sector of activity:


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sure augmented consumer centricity

Or how to make your customers real partners!


Customer insight:

"We are launching a project to redesign our printing tools... It's strategic for the company, and more than that, it's our first collaboration with the Publishing Agency! I would like us to move forward by being consumer centric, but how to co-create print from a distance and digitally?"


set up:

> Creation of an open-ended core team: internal and Agency

> User stories workshop

(the key components of the user experience)

> Manufacture of a MVP

(Minimum Viable Product)

> 4 experimentation groups

remotely, on Miro and Zoom

(co-creation with consumers from the MVP)

> Capitalization to learn lessons from consumer interactions

> Formalization of the backlog ("agile specifications") and the raison d'être of the project


  • Awareness of the specificities of each target, and pitfalls to avoid

  • A structured roadmap for the development of the project

  • A strengthened relationship between the internal and the Agency!



walls of empathy Pinterest

These are collections of images around important and inspiring themes for the project .

These walls allow

to participants, before

and during the workshop, to soak up the challenge, to align all together,

and stimulate the imagination .

We have really taken a step forward

in terms of empathy and agility! I end this coaching with a clear vision, and great confidence for the future.

of the project!

- GL Responsible


PMV_ bateau.png

A Minimum Viable Product to forge convictions in action

Green and White Zero Waste Living Educat

Co-create print content, remotely, with parents and teens

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