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How can you simply propose complex solutions that are truly adapted to the customer's needs?

A phase of listening to employees and building the pedagogy over several months to come up with the best tool : empathetic, simple to implement, effective and allowing us to offer coherent customer experiences supported by products that are genuine sources of additional value.


A training program combining the design of customized tool and the transmission of an adapted methodology to a group of 15 sales representatives over 2 days.

Sales representatives were delighted at the end at the end of their training

and won over by this method and this tool

tailored for their needs!


Many businesses wins in perspective and a deployment of the training to come...

How to launch agile teams dedicated to customer satisfaction on the best possible track to reach an NPS* of 40?

2 days of on-boarding to get to know each other better and to bond the team in action by co-constructing the project's raison d'être...

5 teams coached by elycorp. in partnership with TetH Consulting around the DISC profiles and the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek…

Beyond a seminar, a "springboard for the teams, which allowed to save time, to start on solid bases and a common framework"!

… NPS measurement to follow…


* Net Promoter Score

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