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Elycorp's Pitch cases.

To feed you in your thoughts, to inject new ideas into your approaches, and for the pleasure of sharing, find our decoded customer cases!


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CASE # 3 - Sector of activity:

Food industry

Support elycorp.

sure augmented daily routine

Or how to whistle while working or tele-working!

"between setting and freedom!

a method , techniques and tools that we were able to adapt very easily to apply them on a daily basis! " YL Project Manager Officer

Efficient work meetings
and agile in stand-up meeting mode  

And what does it consist of

this support?  

What results for your client? 

Support for a project team in ias.a sprint mode wishing more efficiency , autonomy and creative initiative within the framework of a product launch. Project management training in ias.a sprints has been set up with the aim of better synchronization. An ias.a sprint takes place in 4 stages:

- Define with empathy (explain the hypothesis that gives the goal of the sprint)

- Act (perform tasks to produce the prototype)

- Experiment (share the prototype to collect feedback)

- Capitalize (learn lessons about the product

but also on the organization of the project team)

3 main gains:

- Bring more efficiency and multidisciplinarity in their project management

- Be faster , creative and disruptive to bring products to market faster.

- divide by 2 the production times on certain phases!


What advice

for a company facing the same issue?  

What particularly amazes you about this client? 

Spot the "champions"!

That is to say, identify motivated people with an appetite, a natural ease in animation and rigor to manage new processes. They will then have to be coached in a privileged way during the training phases.

These "champions" will know how to set up, adapt and be the guarantors of the method when the teams are in autonomy.

After training over 3 sprints, they reproduced the method in total autonomy .

And by relying on a few people supporting the method, on the one hand they carried out other projects in agile mode, and on the other hand they managed to transform all their classic meetings into very effective stand-up meetings . A really hyper agile project team who did not hesitate to brilliantly tweak the process for its other needs. Result: + 30% participation rate in meetings!

set up new rituals to increase

motivation, autonomy and initiative of the teams

Stéphane Ely, Founder,
project manager

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