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Elycorp's Pitch cases.

To feed you in your thoughts, to inject new ideas into your approaches, and for the pleasure of sharing, find our decoded customer cases!


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CASE # 2 - Sector of activity:


Support elycorp.

sure augmented innovation

Or how to light the rocket thrusters!

"The networking of different profiles and different cultures: an invaluable wealth for tackling a complex and ambitious challenge which gives rise to truly innovative and disruptive site uses!"

find ideas for a website that meshes
international requirements and local particularities

And what does it consist of
this support?  

What results for your client? 

Design Thinking support on

2 months to understand in depth

user needs through interviews. The empathy phase made it possible to define an inspiring challenge. After 6 creative workshops, the ideas found were organized in the form of story mapping * illustrated by

concrete cases from empathy interviews (with doctors, nurses, caregivers).

With story mapping, the team has in hand a great tool that allows everyone to be aligned with the same vision: internal and developers who take over the file, thanks to a sufficiently fine networking.

It saves considerable time since everyone shares a common language around a tool that will live throughout development. Enough to save time and concentrate energies in the same direction!

What particularly amazes you about this client? 

What advice for a company facing the same issue?  

Story mapping.png

Meet the users, a great way to:

> Internally: make it a very rich and motivating source of inspiration that pushes teams to action.

> And externally: find relevant ideas and empathize with the real needs of users and not what we presuppose their needs!

Their ability to:

> play the creative game when the team is mainly made up of scientific profiles,

> conduct customer interviews to gather inspiring feedback,

> mobilize people from all over the planet to learn from actionable ideas in order to (re) create an international website. 

And all this in a good mood!


BAptiste Talandier, Partner,

project manager

A story mapping * is a tool in the form of a grid that allows the team to have a common and very visual approach to project development.

This grid is composed of the proposed benefits, use scenarios and technical building blocks necessary to embody the benefits.

The team can then easily visualize and organize the benefits and technical building blocks to build the site.

This model is adapted from Jeff Patton's Story Mapping.

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