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Values ​​and raison d'être

As a group, build an inspiring raison d'être,

after having effectively brought out

the values ​​of a team, a project, or a brand.

Next training sessions in remote and/or face-to-face:

slots to choose from end of November/beginning of December 2021

What is this?

Sens'Action : Valeurs et Raison d'être - Formation elycorp.

A training of 3 mornings remote and/or face-to-face proposed by Sandrine Ely-Clavelly, expert in brand strategy and at the origin of a method and a series of original tools to define its values ​​* , its why , and its purpose .

The training will allow you to discover and practice this method.


A fictitious case will be proposed to you in order to make emerge in group embodied values and an inspiring manifesto to open up a structured brand pyramid .

The lessons of this training can be implemented both face-to-face and remotely.

* Definition of the word value proposed by Sandrine Ely-Clavelly: an aspirational driver.


> Define strong and embodied values for your company, for his department or for your project,

> Express an inspiring manifesto, essential to guide the brand's strategic and marketing evolutions of the brand

> Help the individual to find his place within a team, in a pyramidal system, or “molecular-agile” system.

" A well-structured system around values, a why, a unifying raison d'être, allows the company to vibrate in unison and to ensure that all the strengths of the company will fight for the same quests and will be inspired by the same “aspirational drivers”. " S. Ely-Clavelly

For whom?

> Co-dir, managers, project teams members, who want to bring a vision, inspiring meaning and who wish to be able to offer an effective co-creation workshop to meet this need.


> This training does not require any pre-requisites and can be proposed in two versions:

in inter-company session (March 26) or within your organization ( intra-company ) on your real cases (date to be defined according to your availability).

Creative Problem Solving

The method

This original and powerful method to define your values, why, raison d'être and manifesto is based on the key principles of :

> Set of 200 value cards ,

> Simon Sinek's why ,

> Creative Problem Solving divergence/convergence approaches,

> Specific practices proposed by Sandrine Ely-Clavelly

(storytelling of values) associated with value cards.


Once you have the appropriate method and tools, you will be able to:


> Organize a structured divergence to define your values

> Master an effective and engaging convergence

> Structure your why, your how and your what

> Write your raison d'être and your manifesto

This methodology is accompanied by an exclusive tool co-developed

by Sandrine Ely-Clavelly and ias.agora experts:

the value cards *.


(* 200 values ​​classified into 8 main families allowing to accelerate the reflection and the reflection and the emergence of the key values ​​of the company).

Golden Circle de Simon Sinek

The tools

Jeu de cartes valeurs, Golden Circle et Raison d'être

A set of 200 positive, inspiring and universal value cards grouped into 8 value families. A word cloud is associated with each value on the back of the card, making it possible to specify the outlines of the value and to refine its perception.

An animation guide,

specific and exclusive templates to allow you to write your raison d'être, your why, how and what.

The training program

Next training sessions in remote and/or face-to-face:

choice of slots at the end of November/beginning of December 2021

> Theoretical approach around the Golden Circle and values

> Presentation and appropriation of the main climate principles and rules in co-creation mode (practical application)

> Application on a fictitious case, with a focus on specific techniques

every step of the process

- “Values” workshop, based on an exclusive card game

Creative divergence and convergence of the Creative Problem Solving approach

Story telling of values

Collective reflection on the levers to embody their values ​​in their daily life

- "Golden Circle" workshop

Creative and sensitive emergence of stimuli to structure a Golden Circle (beliefs, pride, contributions, impacts)

Creative divergence and convergence on each component of the Golden Circle (why, how, what)

Drafting of a manifesto

Collective reflection on the use of the Golden Circle

> Interactive synthesis of the main lessons learned  during the training

Your team of trainers

Sandrine Ely-Clavelly propose cette formation Sens'Action en inter ou en intra sur son coeur de métier : valeurs et raison d'être

Sandrine Ely-Clavelly

graduated from Basic Architecture Education (DEFA UP9 Paris), ESDI (Higher School of Industrial Design) and in Management and Human Resources. She is a certified Holacracy practitioner.

Founding member of ias.agora, she founded The Place To be 14 years ago.

She accompanies emerging brands or the products she chooses in their changes. She ensures the analysis of the territories, the positioning, the elaboration and the narration of new concepts and the artistic direction of the implementation actions. She also works on the narration of these brands for internal use

or their audiences (storytelling).

Clotilde Lacambre

was trained in creativity with Guy Aznar, Stéphane Ely, and

Paris-Descartes University. She has a Master's degree in Consulting and Socio-Economic studies. She is a certified Holacracy coach. She is a founding member of ias.agora, Project Director and associate at elycorp. (consulting in creativity, innovation and brand strategy), which she joined 10 years ago, trainer as part of the Specialization Certificate "Animation of Creativity" delivered by the cnam (National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts), she is also a member of Créafrance (the French Association for the Development of Creativity in France).

Clotilde Lacambre est co-animatrice de cette formation Sens'action : Valeurs et Raison d'être

Practical information

Dates and places

Upcoming in remote and/or face-to-face training: several slots to choose from

end of November/beginning of December 2021


> Registrations    


To organize this training in your company in intra-company session (from 6 participants), contact us.

POur en savoir plus sur la formation

Prices & financing

The training includes 12 hours of training spread over 3 half-days in the morning in distance and / or face-to-face including access to our digital tools.

> €1200 exl. tax including 12h of training (€100/h exl. tax)

Preferential rates for simultaneous individual registrations

to several courses (-15% on the 2nd registration, -25% on the

3rd registration).

All our training sessions can be extended

by individual support according to your needs and subjects.

This training is datadocked and can be supported. Find out more ...

Elycorp. organisme de formations datadockées
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