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Design Thinking training

and opening up to the ias.a sprint

Focus your innovation and transformation projects on

users, grasp their real needs, prototype quickly and experiment with relevant answers.

Upcoming Design Thinking trainings

remote and/or face-to-face:

slots in October 2021

What is this Design Thinking training?

Innov'Action : Design Thinking & ias.a sprint - formation elycorp.

A training of 3 half-days in the morning and at a distance and/or face- to-face in Design Thinking during which we transmit to you an innovation method centered on people and the end customer, in order to develop new products and services that resonate with the aspirations of your targets. 


Combining the D. School at Stanford model and a powerful opening to the imagination, this approach is deeply empathetic. Intuitive, spontaneous and equipped, this Design Thinking training allows you to learn to observe, brainstorm, prototype, pitch and collect feedback.


The lessons of this training can be implemented face-to-face and remotely.

Why take a Design Thinking course?

In a complex and uncertain world, we are convinced that innovations, these impertinences that meet their market, are the result of three complementary factors:

> Be customer-centric, because it is the understanding of insights (functional and emotional) and uses that creates value

> Acting quickly to bring ideas to life, because prototypes what allow us to collect rich and informed feedback

> Learn and iterate, because it is by adjusting and adapting that we develop the most appropriate solutions

Who is this Design Thinking training for?

> Project team members - marketing, digital, R&I, HR, operations, etc. - involved in exploration, discovery

and the development of new concepts and solutions, whether they are intended for your end users or internal customers.


> This Design Thinking training does not require any pre-requisites and can be offered in two versions:

in inter-company session or within your organization (intra-company) on your real cases

(date to be defined according to your availability).

The Design Thinking method

les 5 étapes du Design Thinking

Detailed process of the Design Thinking method

Acquire in 3 mornings and in remote and/or face-to-face, a structured and replicable Design Thinking process that you quickly master.


> Discover the power of empathy, a new creative engine - known as sensitive - allowing to go further in the imagination and the richness of customer feedback when faced with a prototype.


> To be put in a situation, to experiment from different angles the empathic and maker posture by working on concrete cases. The theory is reduced to its simplest expression in favor of a pedagogical mix combining simulation, observation and feedback between participants.


Once the Design Thinking method

and the right tools appropriate, you will be able to:


> Know how to accompany the Design Thinking process,

master the stages

> Conduct customer empathy interviews and identify insights to (re)connect with customers

> Revisit your subject by integrating customer insights

> Choose the right techniques at the right time to produce as many ideas as possible

> Co-construct and prototype as a team

> Understand the importance of "pivoting" or reorienting your action according to customer feedback.

boucle itérative de la méthode ias.a

Customer-centric sprint of the ias.a method

The tools

A box to support the process: the © facilitates creativity and concept prototyping. The ideal Design Thinking tool for deploying prototyping on your own projects. : the fabulous box for makers

All the necessary equipment in a practical transport box

The digital © accompanies the physical ©. This website offers pedagogical videos of the different animation techniques used during the ideation phase.

cré digitale

Free access to all our pedagogical videos

Upcoming remotely and/or face-to-face inter-company training sessions: slots in October 2021

The Design Thinking training program

Additional techniques studied:

- Conduct an empathetic interview

- Empathy map

- Personae

- Imaginary journey


- Implementation in the structure

Techniques relating to ias.a sprint:

- iterative loop

- sprint notebook

- stories

- Minimum Viable Product

- team self-organization techniques and visual management (Kanban, roles and stand-up meeting)

Goals :

> Acquire the basics of the Design Thinking method, focus ideation and prototyping

> Develop your mastery of the Design Thinking method, focus on customer empathy, persona, prototyping and opening up to the ias.a sprint.

Techniques studied:

- Formulation of the creative challenge

- Brain post-it

- Forced connections

- Journey map

- Projective images

- Sparks and clusters (conceptual and thematic)

- Prototyping

- Demonstration and capitalization

What did they think of it?

Our Design Thinking training course by those who experienced it ...

"A very rich and useful Design Thinking training. Lots of practical exercises that allow you to better understand and embodiment of knowledge."

MG - Qualitative research Client Director - Repères 

"Lots of practice, little theory and two perfect days to set the learnings."

BM - BU Manager - Janssen Pharma

"Very good alternation between theory and practice and excellent pair of facilitators who share their rich lived experiences."

MDM. - Consultant

Your team of trainers

Clotilde Lacambre - elycorp.

Clotilde Lacambre

was trained in creativity with Guy Aznar, Stéphane Ely, and

Paris-Descartes University. She has a Master's degree in Consulting and Socio-Economic studies. She is a certified Holacracy coach. She is a founding member of ias.agora, Project Director and associate at elycorp. (consulting in creativity, innovation and brand strategy), which she joined 10 years ago, trainer as part of the Specialization Certificate "Animation of Creativity" delivered by the cnam (National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts), she is also a member of Créafrance (the French Association for the Development of Creativity in France).

Stephane Ely

was trained in creativity in France with Guy Aznar and in the United States

with the CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Instititute), of which he is ICL (Integrating Creative Leadership) and Doing Design Thinking certified. He is a certified Holacracy coach. Founding member of ias.agora, Founder of elycorp. (advice on creativity, innovation and

brand strategy), former member of the board of Créa-Université (delivering the first University Certificate of Creativity in France), leader at Créa Conférence (Sestri) and at CPSI (USA), former President of the French association for development creativity: He is co-author - with Guy Aznar - of the book La posture sensible dans le processus de création des idées (Créa-Université, 2011).

Stéphane Ely - elycorp.

Baptiste Talandier

was trained in creativity in France with Stéphane Ely, Clotilde Lacambre

and Todd Lubart. He has a Master II Research in Economics and Psychology (Paris-Descartes and Panthéon-Sorbonne Universities).

He has a ScrumMaster (ScrumAlliance), SAFe 4 Agilist (Scaled Agile) and Holacracy Practitioner (iGi Partners) certification.

Member of ias.agora, he joined elycorp. in 2017. As a project manager and facilitator, he participates in the monitoring and support of the teams. In particular, he leads the Innov'Action and Imagine training courses, as well as workshops

of creativity and Design Thinking.

Baptiste Talandier - elycorp.
Hélène Luong

Helene luong

was trained in creativity by Créa-Université of which she is certified. She has a Master Pro in Semiotics and a Master in Science and Technology. She is a certified Holacracy practitioner.

Passionate about brands, Hélène has been carrying out qualitative studies for more than 25 years and supporting marketing teams in their positioning and communication strategies. Founding member of ias.agora, she also leads the Connect training: customer empathy and consumer centricity.

Practical information

Dates and places

Next remote and/or face-to-face Design Thinking training in inter-companies:


> several slots to choose from in October 2021

To organize this Design Thinking training in your company as an intra-company session, contact us

Je souhaite en savoir plus sur la formation Innov'Action

Prices & financing

The training includes 12 hours of training spread over 3 half-days in the morning in remote and/or face-to-face including access to our digital tools.

> €1200 exl. tax including 12h of training (€100/h exl. tax)

Preferential rates for simultaneous individual registrations

to several courses (-15% on the 2nd registration, -25% on the

3rd registration).

All our training sessions can be extended

by individual coaching according to your needs and topics.

This Design Thinking training is datadocked and can be covered. Find out more ...

toutes les formations elycorp. sont datadockées
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