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To feed you in your thoughts, to inject new ideas into your approaches, and for the pleasure of sharing, find our decoded customer cases!


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CASE # 1 - Sector of activity:

Watchmaking Jewelery Jewelery Goldsmith

Support elycorp.

on augmented innovation

Or how to light the rocket thrusters!

Les 400 cas d'elycorp. secteur HBJO

Customer insight:

"We do far too traditional launches . For our next product, we wanted to make an incredible, memorable launch in global synergy ."


set up:

During the 2 days workshop, a unique opportunity for people who

rarely see each other

co-create, make a creative alignment, share and appropriate the spirit of the launch through a Design Thinking process.


  • 8 potential activations/big ideas to innovate on this launch

  • A 360° activation reinforced, re- inspired and a team motivated as never before to make this launch a global success!

This workshop is the best way to talk about the product in a compelling, lived-in and inspiring way to my sales forces!”

MF - Business Development Manager -


product launch



Pinterest walls of empathy 

These are collections of images around important and inspiring themes for the project.


These walls allow

to participants, before

and during the workshop, to immerse themselves in the challenge, to align themselves all together,

and stimulate the imagination .

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