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To feed you in your thoughts, to inject new ideas into your approaches, and for the pleasure of sharing, find our decoded customer cases!


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CASE # 6 - Sector of activity:


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on augmented vision

Or how to give wings to the collective even from a distance!


Customer insight:

"We need to enrich our HR roadmap, on key projects because our internal and external ecosystem is moving very quickly, but we do not want to do it out of ground, too far from the opinion of our employees."


set up:

> a simplified Design Thinking process

> phases of empathy (remote or face-to-face interviews with employees)

> workshops for the creative co-construction of the action plan based on interviews with employees

> improvements to the action plan integrating employee feedback - to put it in jargon: iteration of pmv!


> reinvented career paths, more attractive recruitment actions, clearer HR information .

> a feeling of truth

solidarity between members of the codir during sharing workshops

> a way of building

the very empathetic HR roadmap

interviews in co-construction with employees allow us to take the time to exchange ideas, to fully understand the points of tension. This brings concrete action to HR projects and gives something more alive! ”

JC - Member of the Codir -

hr roadmaps
in empathy with collaborators!

PPCO (1).png



the PPCO or Plus Potential Fears Options

An essential grid that allows you to collect and structure feedback during interviews to improve your ideas.

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