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The 400 cases of elycorp.

To feed you in your thoughts, to inject new ideas into your approaches, and for the pleasure of sharing, find our decoded customer cases!


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CASE # 5 - Sector of activity:


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sure augmented innovation

Or how to light the rocket thrusters!


Customer insight:

"I need to innovate internationally, developing customer empathy, because it's vital, but with zero travel and a constrained budget."


set up: 

> A remote design thinking process, revisited in ias.a mode: nearly 400 hours of interactions with consumers and the internal team, in 6 countries, in 4 weeks

> A dynamic online collaboration punctuated by our methods

> All of this is supported by the optimization of tools such as Zoom, Miro, iasa.soft, always more reliable and efficient.

Earnings :

> Consumers really engaged and involved in the process

> 30% cost optimization

compare to face-to-face system

> A density and finesse at least comparable to those of a face-to-face device



Big Foot empathy

> An approach inspired by

empathy map, personae, and need statement techniques

> A structured approach,

visual and collaborative, to promote ownership

and transformation

of consumption inputs by

internal teams

> A way to identify powerful and empathetic insights, and the associated technical challenges

"internal team is bluffed by the depth and finesse of the content produced, the consumers

have a blast

to co-create


all together

AD - CMI Team -



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