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400 elycorp. cases

To feed you in your thoughts, to inject new ideas into your approaches, and for the pleasure of sharing, find our decoded customer cases!


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CASE # 4 - Sector of activity:


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on the augmented daily routine

Or how to whistle while working or tele-working!


Customer insight:

"I wish our sales reps to stop responding 'to your wishes' when a customer tells them 'Scrum'! Agility is key in our VICA * world: our sales reps need to familiarize themselves with it. But they can't do it. devote more than 2 hours and we have banned any physical meeting due to COVID… "

* Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous


set up:

> Agile co-construction of the module to create bridges between the known (internal sales processes) and the unknown (agile approaches)

> Deployment of a 2-hour full digital awareness module : videoconference and online collaborative tool around a fictitious customer case
> The largest deployment of a training module for our client, given the success!


> Awareness of the issues related to agility
> An appropriation of the main concepts of agile project management to have an informed dialogue with a client using these methods!
> A link between these concepts and the internal sales process
> Keys co-constructed by participants to "agilize" the development of commercial proposals



user stories

User stories are simple descriptions of user needs. Applied to the commercial sphere, they make it possible to identify new opportunities based on empathy with one's customer ! We can even co-build them with him and remotely with a collaborative tool (Miro, Klaxoon ...) and in video (Teams, Zoom ...)! In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.
3 keys to writing them well:
> Conciseness (fits on a post-it)
> The conversation (subject of discussion)
> Confirmation (being able to say "yes it's important")

An excellent discovery of agile sales methods! I was amazed by the animation and the level of interaction we had from a distance! The facilitator excels in mastering online collaboration, while being an expert in his subject ”

TV - Business Manager


sensitizing (remotely) salespeople to agility   

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