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CASE # 8 - Sector of activity:


Support elycorp.

on the augmented daily routine

Or how to whistle while working or tele-working!


Customer insights:

"It's not always easy to have a successful meeting internally or with clients face-to-face! Then in video..."


"What if a remote work session became an opportunity to go further and collaborate better?


set up:

For a participative training of 2 hours

>Remote networking video and a collaborative wall

> Interactive sharing of key concepts for a successful remote meeting

> How and why to distinguish the clarification and reaction phases

> Tactics to dynamically manage your agenda

> Key roles and postures


  • More effictive meetings

  • An expert animation of the online meeting

  • Awareness of the key rules to be installed

  • Help in choosing the right technical framework

  • A reminder of the fundamentals for a successful meeting, redesigned and adapted for video



the agenda on the fly

> At the start of the meeting, we ask everyone: "what are the points you have to deal with in 1 or 2 words? "

> We write them and we distribute

timing, knowing that all

points must be dealt with

in the allotted time.

the flash meeting

> You have to know how to stop exchanges that last too long and/or that only concern a minority of participants.

> We then propose a dedicated time at the end of the meeting, and we return to our initial objectives. Only those concerned will participate in the flash meeting.

"a coaching that allows you to transform a meeting into a real online co-creation session with a methodology

and motivating tools! ”

- CD - Account Manager -

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what are the key principles for successful REMOTE meetings ?

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