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400 elycorp. cases

To feed you in your thoughts, to inject new ideas into your approaches, and for the pleasure of sharing, find our decoded customer cases!


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CASE # 9 - Sector of activity:

Food industry

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on the augmented daily routine

Or how to whistle while working or tele-working!


Customer insight:

"We do a lot of preparatory analysis work before making the decision to invest in an industrial development. It takes us a lot (too much) of time… We wanted to try something different !"


set up:

> 2 days of team building seminar followed by 3 agile sprints in ias.a mode for 3 teams.

> All enriched by co-development sessions to support change

posture of the teams .

> The whole process was enriched by co-development sessions to support the change in

> A pedagogy based on the use of new technologies 

> A pedagogy anchored on fictitious cases that allow to project oneself in the reality of the field. 


  • Appropriation of tools and methods to install agile synchronization principles.

  • 3 multidisciplinary project teams made autonomous , thanks to shared knowledge.

  • Investment decision-making times divided by more than 2.

If the agile method is well used and shared by all (project members and decision-makers),

it avoids the pitfalls of haste while ensuring efficiency on projects!

- GV Project manager -


Make an investment decision quickly



Stand-up meeting

It is, as the name suggests, a standing meeting, to allow each member 

of the team to follow the progress of the project, to synchronize and to communicate its tensions .


> It is a very structured agile meeting that deals with operational points. A visual management tool, the kanban, makes it possible to track actions and organize exchanges.


> It is a key ritual and the ideal is to set the stand-up meeting on a regular date. The goal is to be fast and efficient!

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